There’s very few people among us that wouldn’t admit to giving some thought to the environment in our day to day habits. But to what extent do we consider environmental sustainability when it comes to the products we buy as consumers?


The FSC is an organisation that serves to protect and maintain natural communities and high conservation value forests. And they’ve been doing some digging to answer just this – when it comes to matters of conservation, how much does it matter to us?


The good news is that, according to the FSC’s recently published Consumer Survey Report featuring data compiled by TNS*, it matters – a lot. In fact as much as three quarters of those surveyed believe it is important for the products they purchase to have been responsibly sourced.


Interestingly, the FSC report findings indicate thatage groups aren’t a factor. Modern consumers of any age group care about the responsibility and sustainability of their purchasing choices. Read these findings in more detail in the FSC’s Consumer Survey Report here:


This research also reinforces the ever-important significance of the FSC logo. An invaluable tool in helping consumers choose responsibly, the FSC logo helps differentiate forest products made with responsibly sourced materials from FSC-certified forests and reclaimed (recycled) sources. Without this, it can be difficult for consumers to decipher whether a forest product has been sourced responsibly and is not contributing to global deforestation.


You’ll find the FSC logo on our Millbrook Beds website as we’re proud to work with the FSC in sourcing all the timber used in our divan bases from sustainable FSC forests. We do this because we care, because we know you care, and showing you that we care is just one of the ways we can help you sleep better at night.


*Face-to face survey of 1102 UK adults (16 – 65+) conducted by TNS (Fieldwork 31/01/2018 – 04/02/2018)

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