A clean break, part II

This week at Millbrook Beds we’re in detox mode. Putting smoothies and raw juices aside however, we’re focusing on what we’re feeding our minds digitally rather than whether we need to lay off the mid morning biscuits.


In part I we considered how we perceive our digital habits, and whether these are indeed habits or have crossed over into addictions that cause us or our loved ones some concern. If you’re worried your habits have become all-encompassing, whether you want to label them as addictions or not, it’s time for a digital detox.


No, you don’t need an app to manage your digital detox, quite the opposite.


Try spending a week only using your phone for phone calls, tuning out of social media channels and leaving your laptop at work and see how you feel at the end of the week. We realise quite how trite this may sound, but resisting digital temptations may bear more fruits than you might expect.


Taking away the distraction of the inane details of other people’s lives on social media, and you might be surprised of the extra details and things you can find to delight in your own life that you’d normally miss with your gaze fixed on your handheld device. Instead of keeping your mind buzzing with frenetic screen flicking all evening long, you might find your mind relaxes – you might even find you sleep better too.


Most forms of detox require you to consume fewer toxins in order to increase a positive health output. However, unlike the unexpected and sometimes unpleasant digestive side-effects of a raw juice or wheatberry smoothie too many, a digital detox can only bring positive effects on your sleep.


Switch off and sleep well in a handmade Millbrook Bed, quality made to enable your body’s system to reboot, naturally.

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