About time

At Millbrook Beds we have spent over 70 years in the business of sleep.


In that time we’ve seen various health fads come and go, knowing all the while that the value our sleep has to play in our overall health and physical and mental wellbeing has always been underplayed.


The last two years have seen that mindset change as consumers and media are increasingly coming to recognise the pivotal role the quality of our sleep plays in our short and long term health.


However we were yet more delighted still to see three eminent US scientists, Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young, awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize this week under the category of physiology or medicine for their research around the workings of our body clock.


Our body clock is a mystical entity that rivals some of science’s great as-yet-unsolved mysteries and is the driver behind our circadian rhythm, the reason why our bodies perform better at certain times of day. But, this clock that drives our need for sleep has not been adequately understood until now.


In recognising the value of the three scientists’ research, the Nobel prize committee said their findings had “vast implications for our health and wellbeing” and, as long-term disruption to our circadian rhythm has been show to increase our risk of diseases including cancer and heart disease, this valuable research can potentially provide more answers as to what extent we can resist the workings of our body clock before we begin to jeopardise our health.


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