Bedtime gifts, part I

Bedtime gifts, part I


Let’s face it, choosing gifts can be a struggle.

For a lot of people, if they really want something, they don’t tend to wait for Christmas and birthdays to come around. In today’s world we have a much greater desire for instant gratification.

With this in mind, a good way to gift loved ones is with personal gifts. Choosing personal gifts doesn’t mean to say that every gift has to have your loved one’s name engraved on it, few recipients would would be keen to have their names emblazoned on every item they own! To give a personal gift means to shows how well you know someone, and the good news is that you don’t always need to spend much to demonstrate this.

What could be more intimate and more personal this Christmas than a bedtime gift? Here in our two-part special blog this week we’re giving the gift of ideas as we run down our top ten bedtime gifts for 2017.


  1. A bouquet of bedtime reading…


Ok so not exactly a bouquet, but more a selection of carefully chosen titles beautifully hand-tied with ribbon.


  1. Relaxing pulse balm…


There’s a wide selection of sprays and balms available in soothing scents for your pulse points for relaxation at bedtime, and at other times of the day.


  1. Herbalicious hamper…


Treat someone you love to a herbal tea hamper and help them cut their caffeine intake and scintillate their senses in one thoughtful gift.


  1. Cashmere robe…


If you’re looking for that wow-factor luxurious gift, indulge that someone special in your life with a cashmere robe for cosy evenings, made that bit more glamorous.


  1. No need to be alarmed…


Fed up with your partner’s noisy alarm clock? Christmas might just well be a great excuse to buy your partner a more gentle modern alarm, or perhaps indulge their inner kid with their favourite Disney character on their bedside clock.


Stay with us for part II of our Bedtime gifts blog later this week at Millbrook Beds.

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