Berry brights

Summer berries, winter berries, few things are as rich in natural beauty than the berry colours to be found in nature.


So much so, these deep purples, reds and pinks have become associated with richness, royalty and decadence over many centuries.


So, if you’re looking to create a sense of luxury and indulgence in your bedroom space, you could do a lot worse than creating your bedroom look around a beautiful burst of berry colour.


Boutique 2000 Azzurro MulberryThis Boutique 2500 Bed by Millbrook Beds is shown as a 5’0 divan set and a Continental headboard, both upholstered in Azzurro Mulberry.


One of five distinctive berry colours available from our range of luxurious divan and headboard fabrics, from vibrant pinks to rich mulberry colours. Now you can indulge yourself with the supreme comfort of a handmade bed and brighten your bedroom in one easy step with a luxury Millbrook Bed.



Azzurro Fuchsia 20

Azzurro Mulberry 19

Baroque Ruby 7402-98102

Lustro Carmine 7402-90079



Shop our full range of divan beds and headboards available in a wide luxurious fabrics and colours in your local independent retailer now or shop online.





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