Big and small

May is the month with the shortest name but, for households with children of various ages, the month of May can mean big things.


If you have several children, chances are at least one of them will have an exam period to prepare for in May. With children as young as seven and eight now sitting SATS in Key Stage 1, through to the ten and eleven year olds sitting their Key Stage 2 SATS, young people preparing for GCSEs or students preparing for sixth form or university-level exams, the month of May is now a hugely significant in the academic calendar at all stages of education.


Many households focus on the need to fit in extra study time and to practice learned problem solving methods during these crucial weeks of preparation. It’s not even unusual these days for parents to purchase copies of practice exam papers online to help their children.


Most crucially of all, while we want to keep our children focussed on learning, especially at such important moments in their academic experience, it’s also vitally important to teach them to remain calm under pressure – something they won’t learn if the pressure knobs are being turned up at home.


The important of your child’s diet, routines and sleep are all important in any month of the year and at any age. However, the significance of these factors is more so at a time children need to be able to cope with ‘extra’ and to perform at their best.


Sleep may seem like the smallest detail when you’re supporting your child or teenager to aim for what may be their biggest challenge yet. But, in reality, ensuring your child gets the sleep they need is one of the single biggest things you can do to support their ability to achieve.


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