Big softie

Let’s face it, we all love a big softie. And finding a softie in an unexpected place is yet more charming still, for instance, in the cutthroat arena of national politics.


Chief Whip Gavin Williamson made the news recently for making a sudden exit from The Spectator magazine‚Äôs glitteringly glamorous summer party to be with his family after his children’s cat, Biscuit, was run over and killed by a car.


This gentle, fatherly softness comes in contrast to his Commons persona for which he is reputed to keep a pet tarantula in his office to scare Tory MPs.


Whatever your public persona, being able to access your soft side when it really matters is crucial. Here at Millbrook Beds, we’re literally big softies when it comes to the kind of soft comfort our customers adore.


With decades of experience making fine handcrafted beds, we’ve kept tweaking and perfecting the ingredients for that softness of touch that enables perfect sleep.


Layer upon layer of teased fine natural materials are used to provide a sumptuous sleeping surface over a base of up to three levels of individually nested pocket springs. Pure wool, pashmina, silk, cashmere, bamboo and soft cotton are used to create the perfect recipe for softness and superior sleep comfort.


And, because Millbrook Beds are handmade, you can customise the softness of your mattress by choosing between soft, medium and firm comfort levels.


Millbrook Beds, for the big softie in you.

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