But first, sleep

The coffee lovers among you will no doubt recognise that we’ve playfully substituted the word ‘coffee’ for ‘sleep’ in this popular slogan. But how often is it that we do give sleep anything approaching first place in our lives?

Life can feel like a succession of competing factors on our time. Commitments to work, family, friends, volunteering and exercise take precedence over the time we have for ourselves or time we have to put our feet up for five minutes – let alone finding eight hours to sleep. It’s funny how many of us can refer to ‘giving in’ to sleep as if it’s an unavoidable inconvenience to be delayed for as long as possible, rather than recognising it as a basic need for our minds and bodies.

If never before, 2018 is the year to put sleep first. The past year or so has arguably seen sleep hitting headlines more than ever as ever-increasing research comes to light regarding the importance of sleep to our overall physical and mental wellbeing. 

We wouldn’t expect equipment to keep running without sufficient charge and, to some extent, we need to begin seeing sleep for what it is: an essential re-charging process for our bodies and minds. Too little sleep and we’ll begin to run out of charge sooner the next day, it stands to reason when you think about it.

But first, sleep. Put sleep first and re-charge more effectively with a handmade pocket sprung Millbrook Bed. Expertly designed and handcrafted to the highest quality using luxurious fillings, making sleep a priority is easy when it can be this comfortable.

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