Chop and change

Think you don’t need a good quality bed to have good quality sleep? Think again.


The Great British summertime is a perfect example of why a quality mattress is so important. With a changeable climate that sees temperatures soar in one week and nosedive in the next, we tend to think the weather only affects our gardens and our plans for outdoor activities, but our bodies and our sleep can also be affected by the changeable climate.


Millbrook Beds has a commitment to the traditional ideals of quality bed making and this commitment means that we carefully select natural materials that, in nature’s best way, help to manage heat and heat loss far more effectively than their manmade equivalents. This is critical as our bodies’ inability to regulate temperature as we sleep is one of the chief causes of sleep disturbance.


For this reason, our beds use:


Pure and natural wool breathes far better than man-made synthetic material. The unique construction of wool means that it has a cooling effect in hot weather and can help retain warmth as the temperature falls.


Helps to wick moisture away from the body during sleep and recovers shape rapidly, making it the perfect all-weather filling.



Our mattresses are upholstered with Egyptian-grown cotton which is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller yarn means that more threads per square inch can be used to create stronger fabric which is light in weight and can breathe more effectively.


Let the weather chop and change, but let your sleep remain constant in the safe hands of Millbrook Beds.

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