Coffee makes everything possible

This is the type of amusing caption you see on vintage inspired signs, merchandise and giftware. But, of course, these captions wouldn’t be as funny unless there’s a semblance of truth in them.


For a lot of people, few things get them up and out the house quicker than their reliable cup of coffee – some people refuse to even leave bed without a caffeine fix in the form of a mug of tea or coffee.


White, black, frothy or flat, everyone has a favourite type of coffee and we don’t need scientists to tell us that coffee gives us boost in terms of alertness, we can feel it for ourselves. But is coffee actually the best thing to get you up and at ‘em first thing in the morning? It seems, actually, no it’s not.


Drinking coffee first thing in the morning is in fact thought to increase your tolerance for caffeine – i.e. the higher your caffeine intake earlier in the day, the more resilient your body will become to its effects. This increased tolerance means you may be in danger of reaching for the next espresso followed up by a mid morning Americano in an attempt to achieve your normal caffeine buzz.


Sounds terrible doesn’t it? But then if we back up a few steps, why rely on coffee in the first place? Caffeine is a socially acceptable drug, but it’s a drug all the same. Choosing to put our energy levels for the day solely in the hands of an artificial stimulant is a weird choice when we think about it in this abstract way.


If we’re going to strike the thought that coffee makes everything possible when it comes to our get up and go and enthusiasm for the day, then what does make everything possible? Restorative sleep does. Particularly the kind of restorative ‘perfect’ sleep you’ll find in a Millbrook Bed.


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