Dream machine

If you could choose your dreams, what would you dream of?

Perhaps you’d give your usual crazy, chaotic and illogical dreams a wide berth in a bid for smoother romantic horizons, or send your subconscious to aspirational places that are the stuff of your figurative dreams? Yep, it would be great if there were dream machines in real life.

Virtual realities aside, there may be no such thing as a dream machine, but there are therapists that claim to manipulate the content of your dreams using ‘dream control techniques’. These techniques however are generally applied to help clients use their dreams to resolve other problems in their lives, rather than being available ‘just for fun’.

For some people, their dreamscapes are a privileged world that they don’t discuss with other people. Others might really like to talk about their dreams to tuned out spouses and co-workers. Others of us may struggle to remember our dreams at all. But most people would tend to agree that we need to sleep in order to dream.

Conversely, research tells us that the less sleep we get, the more we dream. In an article by Christie Nicholson for the Scientific American online journal, she discusses a phenomenon known as R.E.M. rebound which is a form of sleep deprivation in which dream intensity can actually increase with R.E.M. sleep phase deprivation. Read more of Nicholson’s article at scientificamerican.com by following this link:


So, if your night is a hectic world full of chaotic dreams, it may actually have far less to do with repressed emotions of broken relationships, and far more to do with a broken relationship with your sleep!

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