Electric dreams

Though you’re miles and miles away

I see you everyday

I don’t have to try

I just close my eyes

I close my eyes

Written by Philip Oakley and Giorgio Morodor (1984)


Most of us will recognise the lyrics of this famous 1980s classic electro-pop hit Together in Electric Dreams. Written and recorded by Philip Oakley (of Human League fame) and Giorgio Morodor for the original soundtrack for the film Electric Dreams, the success of the song very quickly overshadowed the film.


As well as the catchy melody and of-the-eighties synthesiser sound, there’s a touching essence to the lyrics that gives the song it’s staying power as a 1980s classic that sees it still get airplay on today’s radio waves.


In essence, the song is about a love lost, but recaptured in dream world. Although for some this notion stays well within the realm of romantic fantasy, for others it’s easy to underestimate what a powerful notion this is.


All of us will experience lost love, heartbreak and grief. The opportunity to recapture the love we’ve lost in the simple act of closing our eyes and reimagining it in our dreams is not only a romantic notion, it’s cathartic way to help us manage loss. Sleep has a similarly healing effect on our emotions. And so, somewhere between our sleep and our dreams, it’s no wonder our beds become something of an emotional sanctuary during difficult times.


Whatever emotions you’re going through and whatever you dream about when you close your eyes at night, may your dreams be electric and your sleep restore you. Sleep well…

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