Fresh as a daisy

April is here and everything’s starting to feel fresher.

There’s the smell of freshly cut grass as people can finally get out and start mowing their lawns, it’s mild enough to open the windows in the house and car here and there and let some fresh air in and the daisies are beginning to pop their heads out to freshen up the fields and grass verges. The birth flower of the month of April, daisies are linked to the arrival of spring and all of the freshness associated with the season of newness and spring cleaning.

As you turn your hand to cleaning your bedroom and carefully clean around and underneath your bed, it’s worth taking a moment to contemplate the age of your mattress. After all, your bed is one of a dust mites favourite residences and a used mattress can reportedly have anywhere from 100,000 to 10,000,000 mites in residence (1).

Despite this, if you have a good quality mattress, vacuuming it is a no no as you could damage the fine natural fillings. Replacing an aged mattress is a great way to begin a spring clean, a mattress will typically last anywhere between seven and 10 years depending on quality, so if yours is older than this it could well be harbouring more dust mites than you care to think of. If allergies are a problem for you, it’s also worth investing in a mattress with specialist allergen technology.

At Millbrook Beds, mattresses from our Perfect Sleep collection feature an Actipro probiotic finish. A breakthrough for allergy sufferers, Actipro is an all-natural solution that combats allergens in textiles using probiotic technology to dramatically reduce the occurrence of allergens in your mattress over time.

Freshen up your bedroom this spring with a quality new mattress from Millbrook Beds and feel the difference the freshness makes in your sleep.

(1) Source: The Sleep Council

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