Here to stay

These few weeks of the year are a boom time for holiday companies. In the lull of new year and bitterly cold weather, the walls can feel like they’re closing in and we yearn for some form of escape.

Holidays often signify our most pure form of escape. We may find temporary means to escape our lives mentally; some of them positive, some forms of mental escape are less positive. But holidays physically remove us from our environment and, if you particularly struggle to switch off, holidays can be a way of enforcing rest and respite.

However, as refreshing this sense of escape and change of scenery can be, if you don’t sleep well away from home the benefits of a getaway can soon diminish as the week progresses.

Google holiday sleep and you’ll find many articles offering advice to parents looking for ways to settle babies and toddlers to sleep as they travel or in the unfamiliar surroundings of holiday accommodation. But what about grown ups? If you’re used to sleeping on a quality bed at home, chances are you will struggle to sleep as well in a hotel or guest house bed which isn’t necessarily manufactured to the standard of your mattress at home.

Which leaves an often overlooked option: the staycation.

Although having less Instagram appeal, having a holiday staying in your own home can still be both relaxing and restorative. Taking time you wouldn’t normally have to fully explore the surrounding areas for day trips can bring refreshment and, for some people, coming back to the familiarity and comfort of home where they know they’ll have a good night’s sleep is a real benefit to making the most of time off work.

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