In good company

Sleeping partners usually refer to a partnership between individuals or organisations where one party is very much in the background. However, here at Millbrook Beds, there’s nothing sleepy about the partners we work with as our sleep partnerships are formed on the basis of shared values about the fundamental importance of sleep to health and wellbeing.

With the ever increasing awareness of the important role our sleep has to play in our health and wellbeing, in recent years we’ve been fortunate to have come into contact with a number of organisations that truly care about people’s sleep, in the same way that we do.

Because we’re passionate about perfect sleep, our passion has drawn us to create partnerships with the England Hockey team, the England Commonwealth Games team, Garmin, Vitality Parkrun and the World Cycling Revival. It’s been a fun few years, we’ve worked with some fantastic sports men and women and, most of all, we’ve been genuinely thrilled to work with people and organisations that share our values and have been happy to shout about the benefits of perfect sleep!

So here’s to our partners. They say you’re only as good as the company you keep, and we feel fortunate to be in such good company with our sleep partners!

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