Inspired by nature, part I

Nature is a constant source of inspiration in the arts; nature’s influence in both high art and popular culture is clear and has been resonant throughout various art forms since their beginnings.

Many poets, writers and musicians are quick to cite their inspiration in the great outdoors and nature is one of a handful of mega-themes that transcend genre and art form. The raw, illusive and calming effect of a wild landscape has inspired everyone from the great classical musical composers, to mid-century poets, to modern day authors and many a celebrated artist in between.

And, whilst we tend to associate the fodder of contemporary rock music as to do with love, sex and politics, there are plenty of modern musicians and big name bands that will identify something in nature as the stimuli for a new lyric or melody.

From The Beatles’ Mother Nature’s Son to Michael Jackson’s Earth Song to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin to Peter Garbriel’s Solsbury Hill amongst hundreds of others, nature inspires the artworks that hang on our walls and the music that blasts through our MP3 players, even when we’re miles from the countryside.

Perhaps it has to do with inspiring a freedom to think and introspective time alone, a freedom to move and to breathe, or perhaps nature inspired something carnal within us that spawns our artistic creativity? Regardless of the reason, the materials and processes we use at Millbrook Beds to handcraft our luxury mattresses and beds have, and will continue to be, inspired by nature.

Find out more in part II of our special Inspired by Nature blog.

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