Inspired by nature, part II

In this week’s two-part blog we’re looking at ways nature has and continues to inspire true artistry.

Influencing the music we listen to, the art we hang on our walls and the books we read, nature is at the source of many positive influences in our lives and wellbeing. The same is true of our sleep.

At Millbrook Beds we have always used natural materials and craftsmanship techniques in the handcrafting of our luxury beds and mattresses. During our long trading history, we’ve observed many bygone trends for synthetic materials and processes. But, during this time, we have only found yet more reasons to eschew synthetic materials instead finding increasing benefits from using raw natural materials to create the right environment for perfect sleep.

Wool, silk and cotton have long been tried and tested ingredients in the recipe to create a soft, durable and luxurious sleeping surface. At Millbrook Beds we also like to add that next level of luxury with cashmere and pashmina available in some of our most sumptuous mattresses.

However, in the last decade, nature has continued to inspire us at Millbrook Beds and we have tested and developed new products that harness the unique and special properties of mohair and bamboo.

In fact our brand newly launched Perfect Sleep collection features several mattresses that include both bamboo and mohair. The Perfect 3000, Perfect 4000, Perfect 5000 and Perfect 7000 mattresses all feature bamboo and mohair which we believe, when combined with many other luxuriously soft and naturally breathable textiles, make the recipe for Perfect sleep.

Are you searching for Perfect sleep? Be inspired by nature and fine craftsmanship at the same time when you choose a handmade Millbrook Bed.

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