Lost in translation 

So it’s certainly been the weather for wide open windows at nighttime lately. And, while the resulting breeze helps us to get to sleep more comfortably on hot nights, the early morning birdsong can be a less comfortable wake up call.

Depending where you live or which birds you may happen to have living in your eaves, early morning birdsong can range from delicate twittering to a shrill shout to rival any alarm clock. So, unless you’re a particular bird lover, it’s no wonder many of us can feel less than thrilled to wake up to the sound of our feathered friends on summer mornings.

If this sounds like you, instead of laying quietly seething with rage at being woken infeasibly early, you could conduct a little experiment and try interpreting the birdsong. Sounds bonkers we know but – according to an article by The Guardian – this is exactly how a group of Canadian nature enthusiasts spend the early hours of their Saturday mornings.

Using mnemonics to help link the syllables and notes of a bird’s song by using a catchy phrase, with practice, it’s possible to identify the species of bird. Ok so it might sound a bit mad, but if you’re going to be awake anyway…! Find out more:


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