MOT due?

It’s a time of year when most of us have a little sigh, and a good many of us will nervously clear out throats: the dreaded MOT.


Like it or not, most people’s lives in a modern world tend to revolve around using their cars to the point where, having to factor in only a morning where we put our cars in for a check up can be a real nuisance. Much less the thought that, in a worst case scenario, there might be unforeseen expenditure at stake to keep our car on the road.


Few things fill us with more car-related dread than ‘that’ phone call from the garage to say that your car’s failed the MOT but, perhaps nowadays, there could be worse yet…


It seems people are increasingly finding their cars refused for MOT on account of the fact that their car is just too dirty. Refusing to MOT the cars on the grounds of environmental health for workers, garages are putting their foot on the brake when it comes to working in cars that are lacking in basic hygiene.


Although these vehicle owners are at the extreme end, many of us will relate to having less-than-immaculate cars. Our cars are a relatively personal space, we spend more time munching in our cars than in days gone by and, in that sense, our cars can be ‘time off’ from standards we uphold in front of other people.


The same can be true of our bedrooms and our beds. More people eat in their bedrooms than ever before and change the sheets less often. With busy modern lives, the same deteriorating standards of hygiene can absolutely apply to our beds.


If you think it might be time to take a bed MOT, you can do it online with the National Bed Federation By answering a few simple questions, and without fear of recrimination, clean or unhygienic, you can find out if it’s time to start thinking trading up from your old mattress.


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