National Book Lovers Day

Wednesday 9th August is National Book Lovers Day.


‘So what?’ you might say, ‘I never get a chance to read a book these days’. All the more reason to take a few moments to pick up a favourite story. After all, National Book Lovers Day isn’t just a day for the bookworms among us…


National Book Lovers Day is a day to find a unique spot to enjoy one of the most frugal hobbies: reading.


Reading is an undervalued hobby but, for many people, it’s a perfect way to spend time as it’s accessible, it’s inexpensive, it’s without complication and (as a hobby) it’s without pretension.


National Book Lovers Day invited us to celebrate some of our favourite stories and the way these stories have helped inspire us to be the people we’ve become.


So, take a blanket and find a shady spot, stay in bed or choose any other place your heart desires and settle back to read that book you were given two Christmas’s ago, or even re-read one of your childhood favourites. Transport yourself to another place and another reality without the expense and contraptions associated with modern day virtual reality.


Best of all on National Book Lovers Day, round off the day with a bedtime story.


Whether it’s the irresistible draw to finish your book, or the irresistible urge to stretch out in comfort, few places are more irresistible than a luxurious handcrafted Millbrook Bed when it comes to that time of the evening.

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