It’s not difficult to observe the modern day quest for purity in health and lifestyle trends.


Although it can seem like a modern obsession that only becomes a priority by virtue of increasing levels of wealth, and only a necessity by virtue of modern lifestyle excesses, the process of detoxification actually dates back as far as the Greek, Roman, Native American and Indian cultures. The process of cleansing ourselves from the inside out is powerful in the sense of the wellbeing of our minds and bodies.


Sleep is the latest wellbeing factor under the microscope in terms of our lifestyle choices and, as such, sleep has a whole new level of status in 2017 as ‘clean sleep’ becomes one of the most sought after health and lifestyle goals.


At Millbrook Beds, the quality and purity of your sleep has been on our minds a while longer and, if it’s pure sleep you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.


Made using pure, natural materials, our beds are handmade by master craftsmen to ensure that every last detail of your Millbrook Bed is fine tuned to perfection for no other reason than the fact that we’re believers in perfect sleep.


Pure and perfect sleep is possible with a luxury handmade Millbrook Bed.

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