Isn’t it lovely when you come across someone you can genuinely relate to in life? Someone who gets where you’re coming from, perhaps someone from a similar background, who has had similar experiences or who shares your values or belief system.


These people aren’t always easy to come by but, when we do encounter them, it can be helpful to us in many ways.


When it comes to understanding the way we sleep, few organisations have a better grasp on the nation’s sleep than the Sleep Council. Not only does the Sleep Council see the common problems we face with sleep in our modern lives, it has developed relatable sleep online scenarios to help us identify with how our lifestyles affect our sleep.


Perhaps you might recognise something of yourself in Julian, the hard working business man who travels widely for work, struggles to manage stress and uses caffeine and alcohol to regulate his sleep patterns? Or maybe you relate better to Lizzie, the part time working mum of two who’s always on the go yet, despite her exhaustion, struggles to sleep through the night? Or perhaps you see yourself in Margaret, a mature woman who tends to wake up a lot during the night – sometimes due to her husband’s snoring – but not always.


Find a relatable sleep scenario for many of the commonly faced sleep problems with the Sleep Council you will also find guidance to help with these problems and even a suggested sleep programme to help improve your sleep.




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