Seeing red

There’s a good chance the next few weeks will have you seeing red. We don’t mean in the metaphorical sense of feeling angry, we mean literally.

Businesses, high street windows and advertising banners online and offline are already awash with deep reds with the arrival of Valentine’s Day. If they haven’t already, bunches of red roses and heart shaped balloons will decorate our supermarkets and red enveloped cards will pop up everywhere to remind us to share the love this Valentine’s Day.

And this festival of red merges straight into another with the finale to Chinese New Year celebrations coming hot on the heels of St Valentine. As a lucky colour in Chinese culture, the colour red prevails over Chinese New Year from the tradition of handing out money in red envelopes to the multitude of red paper lanterns that decorate the rafters to the fantastical dragons that parade the streets. Red symbolises good fortune and joy, everything the Chinese look to celebrate at New Year.

Colours can be powerful and, as an emotionally intense colour, red has strong associations with passion, love, desire, danger and energy and can have a stimulating and revitalising effect on us.

For this reason, an interior decor that uses a lot of red has the potential to have a stirring effect on our emotions. Not only that, but colour psychologists maintain the colour red can even go as far as to raise your pulse rate and blood pressure. So, whether your love of the colour red comes from passion or an association with luck, you might still want to think twice before using it as the theme colour for your bedroom.

By all means keep the passion in your bedroom, but keep it a relaxing space too. Relax deeper and melt into luxurious sleep with a luxury pocket sprung Millbrook Bed.

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