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The Great British Bed Time Report

Getting a good night’s sleep is the key to looking and feeling our best. This is because just one bad night’s sleep affects our mood, concentration and alertness, while long-term sleep deprivation has far more serious consequences: it’s been linked to a number of serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Sleeping well is as crucial to our health and wellbeing as eating a healthy diet or exercising regularly. But while we’re frequently exposed to Government campaigns which encourage us to eat ‘Five a Day’, ‘Live Well’ or ‘Change4Life’, the nation’s sleeping habits are largely ignored.

How Much Sleep Do Britain's Get?

The Sleep Council’s research found that 22% of Britons sleep poorly most nights, with an additional 5% saying that they sleep very poorly.

have less than 5 hours sleep

have 5-6 hours sleep

have 6-7 hours sleep

have 7-8 hours sleep

have 8-9 hours sleep

have more than 9 hours sleep

health issues which are associated with sleeping very poorly are

Not only do these problems affect the quality of sleep, they also affect the amount of sleep that people get. Of those who sleep for less than five hours per night, a third suffer from insomnia, one in five (21%) suffer from depression and 17% suffer from anxiety or heart disease.





Back pain



The most popular time to go to bed in Britain is 10pm-11pm. Just over a third (34%) of people go to bed at this  time, but there are a lot of night owls about as nearly half (48%) of us go to bed later than this. Around three in ten people (29%) stay up until 11pm-12am, and one in five (19%) don’t go to bed until after midnight. However, one in ten Britons favour an early night, going to bed at 9pm-10pm, and 7% have no regular bed time.

of Britain's are in bed before 9pm

of Britain's go to bed between 9pm & 10pm.

of Brits go to bed between 10pm & 11pm

of Britain's go to bed between 11pm & 12pm

of Britain's go to bed after midnight.

of Britain's don’t have a regular bedtime

More Information

To find out more download the The Great British Bedtime Report, or visit the Sleep Councils website.

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