September is here again and so is the Sleep Council’s annual Sleeptember campaign.


According to statistics, the UK as a nation is getting less sleep, with a third of us sleeping for only five to six hours each night. Which is why campaigns like Sleeptember are an increasingly important reminder of the crucial role sleep has to play in our wellbeing, and in our long term health.


This year, the Sleep Council have teamed up with Dr Neil Stanley and leading retailer Furniture Village to create a 24-hour sleep guide that tracks every factor – day and night – that could be affecting your sleep. You might be surprised about how the timing of your dinner, your choice of snack or your idea of what’s the right time for bedtime could be having on your sleep!


If you’re already conscious of your sleepiness and lacking energy levels and are serious improving your sleep, make Sleeptember the month you take part in the Sleep Council’s FREE 30-day Better Sleep Plan. Designed for people who are sincere in their desire to sleep better and to prevent serious and prolonged sleep disorders, the plan addresses a number of lifestyle factors to help improve your sleep within 30 days.


Get yourself or a friend or family member involved in thinking about sleep for Sleeptember this September at the Sleep Council

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