This strange term conjures up all sorts of visions of unwanted creepy crawly nighttime visitors.

However, obscurely, the word slugabed is actually an old English word to describe someone who is lazy and lies in bed late into the morning. Indeed, Shakespeare lovers may well recognise the term from the famous verses of Romeo and Juliet in the scene where Juliet’s nurse labels Juliet as a slugabed as she languishes in bed lovesick and brooding over Romeo.

Slugabed one of 30 ‘lost words’ uncovered by academics at the University of York who have embarked on a project to try and reintroduce some of these lost words back into our language.

It will be interesting to see if it catches on and, centuries on, finds a place in a different time and culture. Aft all, it may well be that the very idea of being a slugabed is a much more socially acceptable thing in a modern society, certainly on a Sunday morning!

We would also ponder that modern beds – certainly sumptuous handmade Millbrook Beds – are a world away from the beds our slept on by our ancestors who were so disdainful of society’s slugabeds. Maybe they’d have been more inclined to be slugabeds themselves if they’d tried one of our beds.

So here’s to all you slugabeds out there… In the superior comfort of a handmade Millbrook Bed, who could blame you!

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