Slumber party

Although the label ‘slumber party’ is something of an Americanism, there’s no denying that sleepover parties are as popular here as they are stateside.


An ascension for kids that have outgrown childish birthday parties and a popular way for teenage girls and grown up women to spend time together, spending the night together at a slumber party can allow for meaningful midnight conversations and a special kind of bonding that doesn’t always happen by day.


And bedtime is a fun party theme too. Whether or not your guests actually stay over, some party planners invite guests in their pyjamas for pillow fight games, bedtime-themed cocktails and smores for a unique party experience. And why not, after all bedtime is a special time. There’s something intimate about bedtime when we shed the masks of our make up, hair styles and clothing to become a simpler and purer version of ourselves.


Make every night a special slumber party with a Millbrook Bed. Each and every Millbrook Bed is handcrafted by master craftsmen using fine natural materials and individually nested pocket springs for superior sleep comfort.


What better reason to celebrate bedtime than with a truly amazing bed…

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