Something new, part I

It’s fair to say that New Year is a game of two halves.


On one hand, New Year’s Eve brings people to spend time together; to join hands, sing Auld Lang Syne and kiss and embrace one another as they expectantly look ahead to a new year full of promise as they soberly – or drunkenly – make their New Years resolutions.


On the other hand, there is another camp of people that defiantly head to their beds refusing to celebrate what they perceive to be an arbitrary calendar date. Related to this camp are others that resent New Year for their innate compulsion to make resolutions they’ll almost definitely fail to keep; not to mention the wearisomeness of the resolution-based topics of conversations and marketing messages that will follow them everywhere throughout January.


Here at Millbrook Beds, while we’re not siding with either camp, we do think there’s something to think about when it comes to making a list of unrealistic goals that will only serve to make us feel bad about ourselves further down the line when we inevitably don’t achieve them.


This may be part of the reason why alternative New Year concepts that focus on positivity and chucking out the resolution rule book are gaining popularity.


If it’s in your nature to go against the curve, stick around for part II of our Something New blog later this week and find ideas for new and alternative ways for marking the New Year.

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