Something new, part II

This week at Millbrook Beds we’re chucking away the resolution rule book when it comes to New Year and instead embracing some new and alternative ideas on how to acknowledge newness and embrace change in our lives.


The following are a few ideas for a modern take on New Years:


Treat yourself…


…in scrapping the notion of resolutions (that usually involve some aspect of austerity) try instead replacing resolutions with rewards and positive affirmations.


Be wordy…


…dedicate a word to the year that will serve to inspire you.


Create a moment in time…


…write a letter to your future self or younger generations of your family documenting this moment in time.


When you wish upon a star…


…create list of wants and wishes in 2018 (rather than resolutions of things you almost certainly won’t do).


Jar it…


…begin a Rememberlutions jar; add slips of paper to the jar with notes of memorable and amusing experiences to throughout the year, then sit down to review the contents as you celebrate the next New Year.


However you do New Year, whether with modern affirmations or traditional resolutions, make it a time of year to feel good – not bad – about yourself.


Don’t forget positive sleep has a big impact on how we feel about things, bringing with it a more positive frame of mind. If you think an old bed and poor sleep could be affecting your frame of mind, don’t make a resolution, make a change.


Millbrook Beds’ Perfect Sleep collection is a range of beds designed to meet your sleep needs, perfectly. Perhaps a handmade Millbrook Bed could be just the ‘something new’ you’re looking for this New Year.

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