Switch on, drift off

Tuesday 21st November is World Television Day. A campaign led by the United Nation (UN), World Television Day isn’t what you might be expecting. Rather than a frivolous look at contemporary TV or open to any commercial gain, World Television Day is actually an opportunity to reflect on the important role UN Video reports play in telling stories from around the world in six different languages.

Find out more about World Television Day and UN Video here: http://www.un.org/en/events/televisionday/

The UN’s intention behind World Television Day falls to the serious side of TV and acknowledges the power of video and dominant role TV has in our media and in helping us to shape our understanding of the world. For this and many other evident reasons, it’s clear that TV can have an integral role in our lives and – news and politics aside – our relationship with our TV is more intimate relationship than in bygone eras.

Aside from the customisation of TV viewing packages, suggested content based on our viewing habits and the bank of stored programmes on hard drives that we keep as viewing mementos, our relationship to our TVs is arguably more intimate since we invited our TVs into our bedroom space.

 Find out more about our evolving relationship to our TVs and what effect this could be having on our sleep in part II of our special two-part ‘Switch on, drift off’ blog later this week.

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