Switching off

When it comes to bedtime, we all need to get better at switching off.

Lavender is wonder stuff for some, warm milk may be comforting to others but, however we get there, allowing our bodies and minds to fully relax and unwind is by far the best way we can prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Because we believe sleep is fundamental to your sense of wellbeing, customers buying a mattress or bed from our Perfect Sleep collection will receive a Garmin vívosmart® 3 that, when linked to our specially designed Millbrook Beds app, can help you keep track of your sleep.

Now you can tap into your app to link up with your fitness apps, keep an eye on your sleep data and receive free personalised sleep advice all synced to your phone or tablet. As well as keeping an eye on your wellbeing, your Millbrook Beds app also enables you to register the warranty for your bed and will also prompt you to care for your bed to keep it in its best quality condition.

If you feel like you need to get better at switching off at nighttime, switch off in safe hands in the expert sleep care of Millbrook Beds.

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