Tall order

As children, teenagers and young adults, our height is often the focus of attention. How much we’ve grown, how tall our friends and relatives estimate we may grow to be, or how tall we are in comparison to our siblings are all popular discussions that tend to centre around our height.


Once adults however, we tend not to give our height too much thought. Unless that is, you happen to be significantly taller than the average person. But – if you’ll pardon the pun – what’s the big deal about being tall? Well according to research, being tall is a big deal for lots of reasons.


eLIFE Journal (elifesciences.org) began tracking the height of people across the globe in 1914 and in the years that have since passed people in the U.K. have become four inches taller on average. The average U.K. male now measures 5ft 10in and the average recorded height for women in the U.K. is now 5ft 5in. But that’s not all, through their research eLIFE have been able track the relationship between height and other health and lifestyle factors and have evidenced that being taller is associated with enhanced longevity, higher education and earnings.


Read more fascinating data and insights by visiting https://elifesciences.org/content/5/e13410


With many a tall person experiencing height-related irritations on a day-to-day basis, clearly it isn’t always a great feeling to be tall. Ask a tall person how they feel about low hanging light fittings, door frames in period properties, or how they feel to sit down in their stall seat at the theatre to the irritated sighs of those seated behind them. Even bedtime can be annoying when your feet hang far off the end of the bed.


Making custom beds for all shapes and sizes may be a tall order for some bed manufacturers. However, because Millbrook Beds are handmade using traditional craftsmanship techniques, customising your bed to your own specific needs is no tall order for us.


Talk to a member of the Millbrook Beds team today to find out more about custom longer length beds now and prepare for a cosy night with your toes under the covers.

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