The business of being glad

Ever feel like positivity is in short supply? Here are some quick questions to get you thinking…

How many minutes of the day do you spend feeling fortunate for the possessions you have, as opposed to lusting after objects of your desire?

How often do you think about what’s great about your workplace or colleagues, as opposed to what you’d change if you had the influence to?

How often do you feel appreciative for the time and places you have to relax, as opposed to continually wishing yourself elsewhere or on continual quest to upgrade your immediate surroundings?

Experts have suggested that one of the best ways to begin a positive and truly restorative night’s sleep is to end each day focusing on positive thoughts. Gratitude journaling is an easy and accessible way to focus our minds positively and, with dedicated daily practice, has been shown to be an effective way to learn more about yourself, to help balance stress, find clarity on what’s most important to you and to make you feel calmer – especially at nighttime.

If you find it difficult to turn down the volume on your thoughts as you prepare for sleep, beginning a gratitude journal could well be a benefit for your bedtime routine. And, with a handmade Millbrook Bed, you won’t need to look too far for your first reasons to be grateful…sumptuous comfort, superior pocket sprung support, natural and breathable fillings helping to regulate your body’s temperature…the list goes on and on!

Focus on feeling glad, and especially glad with a Millbrook Bed.

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