Triple whammy

If we can be sure of one thing about President Trump from his public persona and the anatomy of his presidency so far, it’s that he doesn’t do things by halves.

Which is why, in spite of the controversy surrounding US essayist’s Michael Wolff’s recently published book Fire and Fury (an exposé into life behind closed doors at the White House) there was something somehow believable about Wolff’s account of the President’s bedtime habits.

Eschewing anything reflecting a normal bedtime routine, Fire and Fury claimed that while living at the White House Presided Trump would occasionally choose to escape to bed quite early where he would then proceed to watch not one, but three television screens whilst munching on cheeseburgers all the while.

Whether true or not, for a media hungry president, this image of him reviewing his coverage of the day on a triple-screen somehow fitted rather well. Albeit, from a health perspective, tripling his media consumption and throwing back cheeseburgers is a pretty nasty recipe for your blood pressure, much less a peaceful night’s sleep.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to identify yourself a person that doesn’t do life – or bedtime for that matter – by halves.

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