Don’t we just love a good lifehack these days…


A modern expression, lifehacks are essentially tips, shortcuts or techniques that can enable us to do things that bit more cheaply, efficiently or in a more stylised Instagrammable way. Some are better than others and, by virtue of social media channels, lifehacks are everywhere. Whatever the challenge or predicament, there is almost guaranteed to be a lifehack somewhere to tackle it.


Beauty and lifehacks go hand in hand as our modern mentality to continually find ways to do things better often goes alongside a desire to better our appearance. This explains why there are so many lifehacks out there relating to cheating your way to eight hours sleep and minimising the dreaded tell tale signs of sleep deprivation: dark under eye circles.


There are lifehacks for dark circles that suggest everything from taking antihistamines to sprinkling your eye bags with coffee grounds and everything in between, but is it really possible to hack a good night’s sleep? After all, even if you achieve the steep task of reducing your under eye circles, you’ll still be contending with every other mental and physical side effect of the exhaustion that’s earned you your eye bags to begin with.


Here at Millbrook Beds, we think good quality sleep is one of few things in life that is un-hackable. So, tonight, leave your lifehacks on the side table and get tucked up in the luxurious comfort of your handmade Millbrook Bed and try a retro solution to dark eye circles: sleep.


Millbrook Beds, purveyors of Perfect Sleep. Find out more about our Perfect Sleep collection now.

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