What’s hot for autumn?

Everywhere we go we are inundated with the latest season trends. Encouraging us to update our personal style, clothes, hair and beauty products, to breathe the new season into our home decor and even to tweak our diets and our choice of beverage at our favourite coffee shop; it’s difficult to set foot outside or switch on any form of media without being advised what’s hot for autumn.


But, other than warming drinks and bonfire nights, few other things can be described as ‘hot’ in autumn.


In fact one of the first ways we notice the changing seasons is the sharp drop in temperature and damp feel of the air first thing in the morning and in the early evening.


Thankfully, with a Millbrook Bed, your bed is often one step ahead of you in preparing for the next season. Before you’ve got around to digging out your fluffy robes and slippers, your thicker duvet and your extra blankets, your bed is already at work to keep you cosy as the temperature drops.


The secret is in the use of pure natural wool in our mattresses. The construction of wool means that it is superior to synthetic equivalent fabrics in terms of breathability and its unique properties means it acts to retain warmth in cold conditions and to release heat in hotter weather.


At Millbrook Beds we’re proud to use Hampshire Wool in the process of hand making our traditional quality mattresses and we’re also proud supporters of British Wool (http://www.britishwool.org.uk) and Campaign for Wool (http://www.campaignforwool.org).




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