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``My new bed from Millbrook is fantastic! I don’t feel as restless as I feel like my quality of sleep has massively increased. Im excited to get into bed after a long day of training. I don’t feel myself tossing and turning like in my old beds and can get to sleep a lot faster and easier.``

Dom Cunningham

the best compliment I can pay to the Millbrook bed is that I’ve been travelling a lot lately and therefore sleeping on lots of other beds and have ended up with a bad back. As soon as I’ve had a few days at home on the Millbrook mattress it’s cleared up! I wish I could take it with me in my suitcase!

NicK Matthew

My new Millbrook mattress is awesome! It has surprised me what a difference it is having compared to my old mattress. After long tough training days I am safe in the knowledge that the chance of a recovery during the night has gone up thanks to a better sleep.

Tom Mitchell

I absolutely love my new mattress and I’ve found that I wake up more refreshed and ready for training. My flatmates think it’s the comfiest thing ever and they’ll come and just lie on it all the time which makes me laugh. I’m falling asleep so much faster than before which is really great because even an extra 30mins can make a massive difference when you’re getting up at 4:15am!

Alice Tai
Hampshire Wool

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From Facebook

2 days ago

Millbrook Beds

This Valentine’s Day, we want you to fall in love with perfect sleep. That’s why we are giving away a Perfect 2000 mattress in king sized or double to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is tell us in the comments why your loved one, partner, family member or friend deserves #PerfectSleep. You must tag the person in your comment to be in with a chance of winning.

The Millbrook office panel of judges will decide which comment wins and will announce it on Monday 18th Feb. Good luck everyone!
#ValentinesDay #PerfectSleep #loveisintheair #win
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#PerfectSleep My wife Marion Paddock <3 deserves your awesome prize as our current mattress is so uncomfortable that she has been sleeping on our sofa. Please help her have a descent nights sleep.

My daughter and son-in-law Uri Steinberg after 4 years of marriage definitely deserve this having had to make do with an old hand me down bed! The perfect Valentine’s present for a gorgeous couple 💑 #PerfectSleep

My best friend Becki Johnson deserves a brilliant nights sleep! She’s a wonderful mummy to two little ones and she’s a fabulous friend. I would love to win for her ♥️♥️ #PerfectSleep

Oh daughter didn't relize my mattress was as old as you its getting on then. Haha. Michaela A Atkins Time for new one, fingers crossed x

Every time my daughter comes to stay she complains about the mattress on the spare bed, it is very old! I think she deserves to have a comfortable stay and a good night's sleep when she is here. Hayley Hawes

My husband Ian deserves #PerfectSleep as he really struggles with the whole sleep thing! We’ve had lotions, we’ve had potions, eye masks, earplugs, lavender, he’s tried everything!!! I think one of your lovely mattresses might just fix that as I’ve heard they are amazing!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 🤞💕🌹😴 Ian Moreton

My partner Daniel 'datdarkhorse' Neveu deserves a good sleep because he’s a hard working mental health HCA who works long shifts including nights and he’s also doing his nurse training course and juggling all this whilst looking after our family ❤️ #perfectsleep

Because he works very hard and is supportive to all the family, he certainly deserves #PerfectSleep #ValentinesDay ❤️❤️❤️

My hardworking partner Richard and dad to our four children deserves #perfectsleep Happy Valentine's day and 18 year today for us! 💘🌹

#PerfectSleep.. 💖 Would love to be your lucky winner.. Need a gorgeous new mattress.. 💖 Good luck to all 🍀 😀 Debbie Walton. Sam Black. 🍀 💕 🌟 ✨ 🌟 ✨ 🌟 ✨. Xx

#perfectsleep my hubby works long hours outside in all weathers making sure holidaymakers get to their destination. This entails long and unsociable hours which means he needs a perfect sleep to get him through the days and nights. Would love to win for my mr perfect

Randall Thomas as he works so hard. We love travelling and he works extra hard to save to make our dreams come true. He deserves a #PerfectSleep 💤

Love to win for my partner to show how much i love him :)

Paddy Priestley this very hard working daddy of our 7 children definitely deserves a good night's sleep

This would be fantastic for Catherine Miller so she can rest comfy after a day of managing me and the kids 😘 #perfectsleep

Happily liked and shared fantastic giveaway This would be perfect for my 6:4 gentle giant son Natalie Davies

Fabuloussssssss!! For our Mama ❤ Shes our Rock! She always has, open arms, An open Heart & An open door, For us All x #win #ValentinesDay

Simon Blake deserves #PerfectSleep because he gets up earlier than me every day to bring me a cup of tea in bed ❤️

My partner Leo William Glynn does. We have scrimped and saved for our new house 🏠 and our moving soon . We can’t afford a mattress at all so I’d love to win one for my hard working and caring partner ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the chance guys 💖💖💖

A goods nights sleep is just what Claire Knott needs Tirelessly making everyone smile and laugh not to mention all her culinary delights she bakes Dreams come true with #PerfectSleep

#PerfectSleep My partner Tom is a dinosaur and does not do Facebook 😢😢, He deserves nothing but the best, especially a perfect nights sleep x I will have to tag my aunt Margaret F Payne in his place x

my daughter Evie Scarlett a hard working student nurse deserves #PerfectSleep. she is constantly tired <3

Christine Hunt Taplin deserves to win as it`s her birthday as well as valentines day and also it`s a special birthday as she is 60 today. Although she has been spoilt already this would be the icing on the cake as to say #PerfectSleep

#perfectsleep my husband works night shift and sometimes takes ages to doze off when he gets in so im sure a nice new mattress would help him Grant Carnochan

My husband deserves the perfect sleep as he wakes up at 5am every day to go to work x

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