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Hide and sleep

Bliss Hotels’ Ramada Plaza Hotel in Southport is having some cheeky fun this summer with their Bliss Bed Roadshow.

Taking one of the hotel’s luxury beds on tour, they’re spreading bliss in the sunshine by giving weary folks in Southport the opportunity for an alfresco nap in quirky locations throughout the seaside town. So far, the bed’s been spotted at the dodgems, soaking up the sunshine in beautiful gardens and there’s a hint it may soon appear… on the pier!

As a luxury hotel, Bliss have been offering their guests nothing short of luxury as their newly launched hotel furnished is exclusively with handmade mattresses from Millbrook Beds. So, if you’ve had an alfresco nap somewhere in Southport this week courtesy of Bliss Hotels, that’s a mattress from Millbrook Beds you’ve been dozing on.

Hats off to the Bliss Hotels bed roadshow for bringing the fun back into seaside sleep this summer in Southport! Book your stay now at https://www.ramadaplazasouthport.co.uk