Hampshire Wool

What makes wool from Hampshire so special?

British wool is unique as it has natural crimp along its staple length. This crimp acts like nature’s own spring and this bounce, springiness and resilience is much sought after by manufacturers around the world. That’s because added natural bulk not only improves the quality of the finished product, it has improved thermal properties and means mattresses made using British wool are naturally more comfortable to sleep on.

Better still, sheep breeds that live and thrive in the milderHampshire climate generally have access to good supplies of food. This is significant as the more energy the sheep has to put into keeping itself healthy in harsh conditions means the less energy it has to put into growing its fleece and so sheep breeds in Hampshire will produce a fleece that tends to be fuller and bulkier than sheep reared in some other parts of the country.

Hampshire Wool sheep breeds are sheep from the Hampshire Down, the Southdown and others are downland types, rather than hill or mountain breeds. 100% fleece wool grown in the county of Hampshire has been specially selected to make Millbrook Beds and we have taken full advantage of the special characteristics of this wool and are veryproud to be using locally sourced materials.