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Sleeping with the enemy

Depending on your age, you might well remember the film of the same name that saw us on the edges of our seats in the early 90s willing Julia Roberts to escape her enemy – a physically and mentally abusive husband. If you like thrillers, this one was and remains a cult film.

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes, not least when it comes to our sleep. Staggered bedtimes, fidgety sleepers, noisy sleepers and snorers, sleep walkers, sleep talkers and not to mention cover hoggers are just a few of the real life sleep enemies many of us will encounter when we share a bed.

And it seems that more and more couples are less willing to tolerate sleep gremlins, with a sharp increase in the number of couples choosing to divide and conquer their sleep problems by sleeping apart. What’s perhaps more surprising though is how few couples attempt to minimise these sleep disturbances simply by choosing a bigger bed. 

A bigger bed can be a helpful resolution to many co-sharing sleep disturbances and, given the increases seen in average body mass in the nation as a whole, it’s little wonder we may not quite as comfortably fit couples into a (4’6) standard double as we once did.

At Millbrook Beds, our beds and mattresses are handmade and come in sizes up to (6’0) super king size as standard. We also offer zip and link split comfort options and larger non-standard sizes available for custom order.

Make peace with your sleep enemies in the generous comfort of a luxury handmade Millbrook Bed.