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Positive patterns

As is so often the case, using patterns in personal styling and in home decor needs that certain je ne sais quoi in terms of style sensitivity.

Used carefully, and patterns can have a calming and beautifying effect, adding visual texture, accentuation and depth that is tasteful and appropriate to the wearer or environment.

Used clumsily, and patterns just SHOUT. Too-loud or too-hectic patterns confuse our brains jarring our visual experience and reveal a want of style.

In this sense, there’s an obvious parallel between the patterns we use for style purposes and the patterns or routines that shape our lives: when they’re right they’re right but, when they’re wrong, they’re so wrong they can potentially ruin the whole ensemble. Take for instance our sleep patterns…

When we have a positive sleep pattern, it replenishes us and enhances our lives. When our sleep pattern is too hectic, it can fail to sustain our basic need for rest both in a mental and physical sense.

Like any good stylist will tell you, style is deeply personal, which is why it’s worth investing time to find the patterns that best suits you. The same is true of your sleep, if your pattern isn’t working for you and your sleep isn’t bringing out the best in you, it’s time for a makeover.

If we’re thinking of positive sleep as a beautiful pattern, a good quality bed is one of the primary colours in that pattern. With a Millbrook Bed, you can choose what suits your sleep in terms of comfort settings, size, spring count and styling in our range of luxurious divan fabrics and headboards.

Create a positive sleep pattern and find your sleep je ne sais quoi with a luxurious handmade Millbrook Bed.