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Well it’s here, we’ve begun the official countdown to Christmas. Every household has their traditions and ways of celebrating advent whether it be advent candles, chocolate calendars, nativity scenes, elves on shelves, Christingles above the fireplace.

Whatever your family tradition, we’re willing to bet it’s a pretty magical feeling when it reappears each December.

And that’s the thing isn’t it, often our sense of anticipation can be so enjoyable, it actually brings us many more moments of joy than the thing we’re expectantly and excitedly awaiting. Sometimes decorating the tree with Christmas tunes blasting and that first seasonal taste of mince pies is more enjoyable than the chaotic hubbub of the 25th itself. This can be true of Christmastime in the same way it can be true of holidays and other big occasions in our lives.

When it comes to smaller things in life though, bedtime for instance, we’d hope the same doesn’t hold true. While it’s fine to look forward to tucking up in bed after a particularly wearisome day (many of us do) the experience ought not to disappoint.

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