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At sixes and sevens

We all know that life can go through phases when we can sometimes feel everything’s ‘at sixes and sevens’ and things are in complete disarray. 

But have you ever experienced this sensation when it comes to your sleep? Perhaps you can’t sleep for toffee when bedtime comes around, but somehow feel tired around the clock? Or maybe you need to go to bed early but don’t stay sleep throughout the night? Being at sixes and sevens with your sleep can take many guises.

If this sounds like you right now then don’t worry because, according to sleep gurus at The Sleep Council, it’s possible to improve your sleep simply by following seven steps.

In their sleep guide ‘Seven Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep’, they cover the basic sleep considerations from your bedroom, your bed, your lifestyle, your stresses and worries, your diet, exercise and finally relaxation and other therapies to walk you through areas of your life that may be hindering your sleep – without you even realising – and offering simple tips and strategies to resolve them.

Read their guide in full here https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/seven-steps-to-a-better-nights-sleep/ 

There are many reasons why life can occasionally descend into sixes and sevens but, if your sleep’s at stake, fight back control with the Sleep Council’s seven steps.