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Be a better you

To celebrate the launch of our Perfect Sleep 2 collection, we’ve been asking people what Perfect Sleep means to them.

Asking everyone from our valued customers, to people we know and work with, to Team GB sportsmen and sportswomen – it’s a question that’s produced some diverse answers.

Some answers were along the lines of what we were expecting to hear: “Feeling rested for early morning starts”, “Being ready for anything” and “To be at my personal best”.

Others provided a little more personal insight about peoples’ passions: “Winning times”, “A full eight hours uninterrupted; then ready for early morning walkies” and “Being the best for work and family”.

And a few others gave us a chuckle: “Ready for the morning fry up!” and “Ready for horsing around”.

The overwhelming message that comes across is that perfect sleep is the key to being a better you, whatever being you entails…

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