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Bells are a-ringing

It’s that time of year when bells are a-ringing… and minds are a-buzzing.

Most of us spend these early December weeks firing on all cylinders in whatever life context that may mean. From working under pressure to prepare for time off over Christmas, to a workplace environment that’s busier by virtue of the Christmas rush, to Christmas shopping, to midweek Christmas parties, to school concerts and performances (in fact to having something extra to remember on almost EVERY school day), to family logistics and worries about extended family politics over the Christmas period – even at a glance it’s easy to see how this can all leave us running short of headspace.

A bit of buzz is ok, it can be pleasant in fact and a natural way to build excitement or a useful distraction for those particularly impatient for Christmas to arrive. But, if you find it difficult to switch the buzzing off at bedtime as you lay down for sleep, the buzz can soon take on a more stressful pitch.

YOU CAN’T do everything, but….

YOU CAN make lists of festive tasks and put them in order of priority. Organising them onto paper will help take them off your mind.

YOU CAN stay up a bit later to get some secret wrapping up done, but as much as possible stick to a regular bedtime routine.

YOU CAN (if you don’t already do so) include relaxation time into your bedtime routine. Something as simple as a few minutes to read a book or have a bath will give your body and mind those few moments to discharge some of the day’s stresses before you sleep.