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Box of tricks

If you’re someone who can have trouble dropping off to sleep at nighttime, perhaps your bedside table doubles up as your veritable ‘box of tricks’ when it comes to sleep aids.

Maybe that favourite comforting old book that you don’t have to think too hard about does the trick. Perhaps your bedside table is home to a trusted bottle of essential oil to whiff on sleepless nights, painkillers for distracting aches and pains, a pile of favourite photos, a gratitude journal…the list could go on.

But what if your box of tricks wasn’t available to you?

As an extreme example, soldiers on the front lines in WW2 certainly didn’t have a box of tricks readily available to calm their minds before sleep, and yet we can hardly imagine an environment less conducive to sleep than a battlefield.

Many news outlets last week honed in on tried and tested tricks used by the US army to fall asleep in such situations thanks to a recent article featured on Joe.co.uk. Using material from Lloyd Bud Winter’s 1981 book Relax and Win: Championship Performance several sleep-inducing strategies have been doing the rounds online.

And with good reason. According to reports, with practice, the techniques featured in this book are said to work for up to 96% of people. Given this impressive statistic and the crucial origin of these techniques in enabling soldiers to sleep, thus prevent them making potentially fatal errors in combat, we’d be inclined to give it a go.

The process has several stages that involve relaxing muscle groups in sequence, focusing on breathing and very specific visualisation techniques. So, as a portable box of tricks goes, it couldn’t be better and it may even replace the contents of your bedside table altogether.

Sometimes sleep is hard to come by and we need a box of tricks. However, there are fewer tricks that disguise poor sleep comfort. Give yourself the sleep you deserve with a luxurious handmade Millbrook Bed.