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Building up debt

Uneasy though it may be, the habit of accruing a certain amount of debt in December isn’t unfamiliar to many people. 

A commercial Christmas brings with it a ‘more is more’ attitude… more gifting, more socialising, more indulgent groceries and more sparkly outfits to look fabulous all the while. And, for many, all this ‘more-ness’ translates into more debt to pay off credit cards in January. 

But it’s not only our finances that can succumb to debt in December, our sleep can too. Everywhere you look, businesses are extending their hours and for good reason as, come December, we suddenly seem to need more hours in the day. 

We spend late nights sat up researching the perfect Christmas gifts, having midweek evening Christmas get togethers, late night food shopping, late night Christmas wrapping, office parties, late nights creating intricate Elf of the Shelf scenarios… and all these late nights can quickly build up a sleep debt to rival our credit card spending. If this sounds like you, it might be time to begin keeping a closer eye on the time you’re spending in a similar way to how you’d monitor your financial spending.

This December try not to build up your sleep debt. Much like your credit cards, sleep debt can be costly not least of all if – after all that late night preparation – it costs you a healthy Christmas.