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Colour block

Many of us will have experienced some degree of writer’s block. That feeling when your creativity dries up – usually coinciding with a report or essay deadline – is a familiar one and is usually best treated with a fresh air or coffee break.

But, increasingly, people can seem to have a similar artistic block when it comes to using colour. The demand for colour consultation services relating to personal styling, hair and beauty, and interior design have become much greater over the years. Perhaps where we once might have trusted and relied upon the opinion of our friends or family, we now tend to look for direction on colour from professionals, from Instagram role models or from validation through seasonal trends.

Perhaps our ‘colour block’ can also come from having so much greater range of colours to choose from than we may have had previously? Or, in some cases, perhaps the choice is still too limited.

At Millbrook Beds, we believe the best beds are those that cater for your individual preferences, which is why we encourage our customers to try our beds so they can choose the size, spring count and mattress comfort level that suits their individual preferences. And we also love indulging our customers with a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from for their divans and headboards to fit with their personal style and bedroom decor.

Find new inspiration in colour and in comfort when you choose a luxury handmade Millbrook Bed.