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Counting fleece

We’re used to the association that sheep can help us sleep. Most of us will have tried counting sheep at least once of a sleepless night but, little did we realise, sheep can be more useful to our sleep than as rhythmic distraction.

A recent news article from Sky News gave foreground to new research from scientists in Australia demonstrating that wearing wool to bed can help you sleep. The study saw scientists give people wool pyjamas to wear to bed and found that not only did they fall asleep on average four to 10 minutes* faster, they also slept seven minutes longer on average.

Read the full article at news.sky.com here:


Here at Millbrook Beds we’re thrilled there’s growing research to highlight the effectiveness of wool at regulating body temperature in sleep, after all wool’s thermo-regulating properties are a reason why we use it as a filling in our luxury handmade mattresses. And the wool used in a luxurious mattress from Millbrook Beds is yet more special still as it’s Hampshire Wool, sourced locally to our family run factory.

So, forget counting sheep and start counting on their fleece to naturally benefit your sleep when you sleep on one of our handcrafted pocket sprung beds.

* 20-something’s fell asleep four minutes quicker whereas adults aged 65 to 70 fell asleep 10 minutes quicker than cotton or polyester pyjama wearers in their age bracket