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Deep sleep

For anyone who’s every bought their first quality pocket sprung mattress, one of the first things they tend to notice is perhaps that the fitted sheets from their old open coil mattress no longer, well…..fit.

At Millbrook Beds, our pocket sprung mattresses are deep – deep in design, deep in luxury, deep in quality. Ranging from 25cm deep, to 30cm and above on our highest specification mattresses, that depth comes from up to two-deep levels of pocket springs sandwiched between many layers of luxuriously soft fillings.

The extra depth in our mattresses all equates to extra comfort as those thousands of pocket springs provide support to the unique shape and curves of your neck and spine, enabling you to go deeper than ever in comfort in the depth of a luxury mattress from Millbrook Beds.

As for your old sheets, don’t panic, there’s plenty of retailers that stock deep fitted sheets. As for your sleep, once you go deeper there’s no going back.

Shop online or find us on the shop floor of a quality furniture retailer near you using our postcode finder here http://www.millbrook-beds.co.uk//retailers/